In its extraordinary session, the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) has voted nay for two of the nominees to chair the 10 parliamentary standing committees the House endorsed during its previous session on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the House had decreased the number of standing committees from 20 to 10 and its meeting was adjourned following a disagreement on two of the nominees- Motuma Makassa, former Minister of Defense and Amanuel Abraham—proposed to chair to of these all-important standing committees.

Amanuel had already declined the nomination after Tuesday’s session. Consequently, today the parliament voted 152 nays against Motuma’s nomination; while 157 nays also rejected the nomination of another MP Atsibeha Aregawi.

Motuma was slated to chair Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs Standing Committee while Atsibeha was nominated for Revenues, Budgeting and Finance Affairs Standing Committee of HPR. In place of Amanuel, Sofia Amin was appointed to chair the Legal, Justice and Democracy Affairs Standing Committee with a majority vote. The remaining nominees were approved with unanimous votes from the House.